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PEEP Family Science
Mar 14th, 2019 by militarychild at 6:54 am

Media can play a critical role in engaging children, parents, and educators in science. Listen in to WGBH’s Executive Producer for PEEP, Marisa Wolsky, and children’s app developer, Jillian Orr, as they talk about the new app, PEEP FAMILY SCIENCE, that can help parents confidently engage in science with their children. PEEP FAMILY SCIENCE app was given a 5-star rating from Common Sense Media for “co-use on and offscreen” by families.

Military Child Education  Coaliton (MCEC):


Learn more about Peep and the Big Wide World for Parents at:


PEEP Family Science was featured in the Military Child Education Coalition November 2018 On the Move publication. (pp. 32-33)


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