For the Sake of the Child

Conversations about the challenges Military-Connected Children face as they navigate multiple education systems from birth through high school.

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In this podcast military spouse Lynda MacFarland and her daughter Maggie Phillips share insight on open communication in their family and share some uplifting stories about the military life experience.


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School Liaison Officers (SLOs) are the primary point of contacts on military installation for school-related issues, and exist to assist families whose children’s education is affected by military life.


Student to Student Program

MCEC provides support to military-connected and civilian students through our student-led, peer-to-peer mentoring programs at the K-12 levels.

Elementary Student 2 Student™ (eS2S™), Junior Student 2 Student® (JS2S™), and Student 2 Student® (S2S™) serve the purpose to ease transitions, and create a positive environment for any new student. To hear more about this program visit our website and click on the audio link:


Tell Me a Story

The MCEC Tell Me A Story® program is an initiative created to empower our military connected children by using literature and their own stories.

Stories have the capacity to open family discussions on potentially difficult topics, such as family separation, deployment, moving, grief, and crisis. To find out more or to initiate a TMAS event in your community visit:


Jan 3rd, 2019 by militarychild at 8:45 am

MCEC board member, Dr. Cortez Dial, talks about some of the common roadblocks military children encounter as they transition from school to school along with a practical support that schools can provide to help parents best prepare as their children move from place to place.


To listen to the podcast interview between MCEC CEO and President Dr. Mary Keller and Eric Waldo titled “The Children That Serve, Too: The Sons and Daughters of  Our Military Members” at swampED that I mentioned  in the introduction click:


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Dec 20th, 2018 by militarychild at 2:52 pm

Dr. Yalda T. Uhls, Senior Advisor for Common Sense Media and author of Media Moms & Digital Dads: A Fact Not Fear Approach to Parenting in the Digital Age answers parent’s questions and offers insight and practical advice about establishing screen time boundaries.

Military Child Education Coalition

Media Moms & Digital Dads: A Fact Not Fear Approach to Parenting in the Digital Age can be found at:

Common Sense Media

Family Media Plan



Dec 18th, 2018 by militarychild at 12:44 pm

What can military parents do to lay the foundation for open communication with their kids?  This podcast on communication and love is the second in a monthly series with pediatrician Dr. Ken Ginsburg, who is the Co-Founder and Director of the Center for Parent and Teen Communication, author Raising Kids to Thrive.  Listen in as he shares advice on effective listening and  how to express love to our kids during times of separation.


Dec 13th, 2018 by militarychild at 10:52 am

Join us as we talk with Bruce Shabaz and Karen Lanning about what the College Board offers to help college-bound high school students be successful in achieving their post-secondary goals. Find out how students can earn college credit at a significant discount, as well as, improve their SAT scores by as much as 200 points.

Big Future: “Planning for College doesn’t have to be stressful.”


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The Military Child Education Coalition Call for the Arts is a visual arts and writing initiative that allows military kids to communicate pride in their parents, celebrate their military-connected lives and acknowledge their grief and worry through art.  In today's podcast we will hear from Susan Connolly who is charge of the initiative along with hearing the stories of two exceptional military kids, Hannah and Mary Elizabeth, as they talk to us about their experiences and submissions.  Susan will also share about Second Lady of the United States, Mrs. Karen Pence's contribution to Call for the Arts and passion for helping people through art therapy.  

Since MCEC began the “Call for the Arts” in 2002, thousands of military children - from all over the world, from every service, of all ages - have mailed MCEC their drawings, poems, and interpretations of what it means to be a military child.  If you have a young artist we encourage you to reach out to us!


To email Susan Connolly directly about Call for the Arts:

Visit our MCEC website at : to download an application for Call for the Arts or watch the video from Mrs. Karen Pence, Second Lady of the United States


To read the On the Move article we mentioned in the interview go to .  “Arts in Education” featuring Mrs. Karen Pence is the November 2018 issue on pages 16-17.


In today’s podcast, Dr. Leanne Knobloch, a Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois and MCEC Science Advisory Board member, will talk about her findings from research on how military families communicate during reintegration after deployment along with practical application and resources.


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Dr. Mike Matthews from the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership at West Point and Dr. Kristina Callina from the Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development at Tufts University talk about emerging strategies at the US Military Academy and the Army that aim to foster and promote character development in cadets and soldiers.   This podcast will share practical advice parents can use to optimize character development in their children. 


On the Move magazine November 2018 edition- pg. 24-25 “Character Corner” with Dr. Mike Matthews

“Preparing to Fly the Nest” FREE MCEC Parent to Parent webinar

In this webinar we will provide you with detailed information about paperwork, healthcare, finances, social/emotional needs and homesickness so that your military-connected teen is ready to head off on their own while trying to avoid some of the potential stressors that go with this process.


Nov 20th, 2018 by militarychild at 8:10 am

In this podcast, family therapist and author of Home for Dinner: Mixing Food, Fun, and Conversation for a Happier Family and Healthier Kids, Dr. Anne Fishel, talks about common obstacles to dinners, picky "selective" eaters, and conflict at the table.  She will also share ideas on how to overcome barriers to having regular family meals and her work as the Co-founder of the non-profit, The Family Dinner Project

The Family Dinner Project:

This podcast has been brought to you by HEB. 


Nov 15th, 2018 by militarychild at 9:35 am

Eric Waldo, Executive Director at Reach Higher, cuts across policy, advocacy, and community engagement to further the goal that the U.S. once again leads the world in terms of college graduates.