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Conversations about the challenges Military-Connected Children face as they navigate multiple education systems from birth through high school.

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Moving with Exceptional Needs
Feb 28th, 2019 by militarychild at 1:30 pm

Parents have you moved with a child who is enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)?  Listen in to Dr. Ed Tyner, Dr. Paul Ban and Rebecca Lombardi as they share WHAT’S NEW in EFMP and a TON of resources designed to make multiple transitions easier for families as they move from installation to installation.

Education Directories:


Moving with an IEP webinar:

Department of Defense Special Needs Parent Toolkit:

General Special Needs Tools & Forms:

Interstate Compact:

Parent Training Centers:

Exceptional Advocate E-Newsletter:

PAVE Partnerships for Action Voices for Empowerment:

To find your nearest School Liaison Officer (SLO):

Office of Special Needs (OSN) EFMP Update:

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