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Conversations about the challenges Military-Connected Children face as they navigate multiple education systems from birth through high school.

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Bonus Episode: Call for the Arts with Susan, Hannah and Mary Elizabeth
Dec 11th, 2018 by militarychild at 2:25 pm

The Military Child Education Coalition Call for the Arts is a visual arts and writing initiative that allows military kids to communicate pride in their parents, celebrate their military-connected lives and acknowledge their grief and worry through art.  In today's podcast we will hear from Susan Connolly who is charge of the initiative along with hearing the stories of two exceptional military kids, Hannah and Mary Elizabeth, as they talk to us about their experiences and submissions.  Susan will also share about Second Lady of the United States, Mrs. Karen Pence's contribution to Call for the Arts and passion for helping people through art therapy.  

Since MCEC began the “Call for the Arts” in 2002, thousands of military children - from all over the world, from every service, of all ages - have mailed MCEC their drawings, poems, and interpretations of what it means to be a military child.  If you have a young artist we encourage you to reach out to us!


To email Susan Connolly directly about Call for the Arts:

Visit our MCEC website at : to download an application for Call for the Arts or watch the video from Mrs. Karen Pence, Second Lady of the United States


To read the On the Move article we mentioned in the interview go to .  “Arts in Education” featuring Mrs. Karen Pence is the November 2018 issue on pages 16-17.

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